Fractured into little pieces

The broken totems will rise again  

The will of the alphas, has beaten the people into the ground

No longer are we a single unit

To them we are deadweight, we have been

Buried in the dirt, and freedom seems out of reach


The pack mentality has been broken  

And formation of tyranny is upon us

We put into power old men

Who send their young to fight their wars

Fear mongering over our supposed enemies

Segregating our own legion  

Hope has been replaced by contentment

For where we are

No prosperous future  

Will be built

For our young which we so dearly

Fight to protect

Only rotten carcasses

Will be left from our time


Arise! Unite the outcasts!

This is what they want

The great dumbing down

Of empathy and compassion

Slowly turning us rabid


Our voices will be our weapon

With it we will expose them

And their false claims

Claim they are helping the hungry

When they feed them picked clean bones

But they feed the gluttons

Endless subsidies   

We will expose them all


Our relentless howls will break the foundation

Of this this discriminatory food chain

The lies from our bicameral ultimatums

To solutions of our conflicts

Splits the pack in two  

The color of flesh divides, yet we all bleed the same

We have become rotten on the inside


There is no armor to defend them

The deceit they have brought on us

Will bring forth a wave of wolves

That have been bred

Through selfishness  

No one is immune

To the vengeance that will come their way


By Chris Kresser